About Us

     Ningbo Takou is a different/honorable /trustworthy/innovative company . With deeply held values that were born with the company in 1986, we are a collection of individuals, united by a dedication to integrity, quality, innovation, superior customer service, and continuous improvement.

     Located in Ningbo , China with a production site of 35,000 square meters in the Wuxiang Industrial Park , the company has become an innovative leader in the office furniture industry with state of the art technology incorporated in their manufacturing equipment.

     Takou offers a wide array of office furniture products such as desks (both Laminate & wood), seating, sofa, panel systems, and conference tables. Due to our reputation for quality and after-sale service our office furniture can be purchased throughout the world. Some of the Countries we sell our furniture to are United States , Canada , Saudi Arabia , Europe , and throughout mainland China .

     Takou is dedicated towards creating furniture of impeccable quality that brings joy not only to the people who own it, but also to the craftsmen who build it and the professionals who distribute it. We take pride in delivering the highest quality furniture at the most affordable prices.

     After achieving overwhelming positive response, success, and support from our clients we have recently developed a new, state of the art, 120,000 square meter manufacturing facility in the Jiangsu province of China . This facility will not only help meet the current demand for our furniture but it will also be the first facility of its kind in China to utilize a PU and Enzyme coating line for office furniture. This innovative technology will enable us to provide our clients with the ideal combination of flexibility, availability, design, quality, and most importantly, the perfect value of goods.



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